Beware of SpyEye Malware Being Served Through Online Download Sites

Beware of SpyEye Malware Being Served Through Online Download Sites

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SpyEye is the most advanced and dangerous malware kit today. It has been incorporating functionality of the Zeus malware builder kit since early 2011. It is a special type of malicious software that harvests credentials from online accounts and starts transections as the person is logged into his account and transferring the money and bank balance is drops in seconds.

In latest version the software has been equipped with new code specially designed to evade advanced systems, incorporated by banks in an attempt to block fraudulent transactions.

SpyEye works fast and can quickly initiate multiple transactions  faster than a typical banks security can apply their filters. Developers in partnership with commercial banks are now working to increase the speed of their security by combining their transactions into packets. The strategy is to bridge similar transactions into one packet for analysis prior to approving transactions that match the algorythm’s criteria.


In August 2011 hacker Xylitol leaked the source code of SpyEye. He was an infamous French security researcher and was part of the Reverse Engineers Dream Crew (RED Crew). He located a copy of SpyEye builder version 1.3.45 and created a tutorial that enables the user to crack HWID.

SpyEye is actually a botnet with a network of command-and-control servers that are hosted across the world. SpyEye Tracker is a website dedicated to gathering information about this malicious software. It tells the number of command and control servers online at any given time.