Dr. Alan Solomon’s Research on the Effects of Social Media on Youth Psychology

Dr. Alan Solomon’s Research on the Effects of Social Media on Youth Psychology

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Dr. Alan Solomon and his research team are working on the development of new techniques and research dealing with teen suicides at the University of Tennessee medical research center. The research being conducted deals with the results of social media on teen psychology as well as the potential impact of parental monitoring applications.

This devastating phenomena specifically affecting the Latino community has been attributed to the effort required to fit in to two cultures.  Often resulting in dual-cultural confusion and teen acceptance issues.

Dr Alan Solomon is confident that new parental monitoring application technologies can prevent and reverse this alarming trend. In addition to teen suicide, Dr. Solomon has conducted extensive research on other aspects of the social media influence on teen psychology.

In 1992, Solomon became one of the most recognized professors in clinical research in the USA. For more than forty years he has received research grants from the National Health Centre.

For more than fifteen years he has been striving to find new solutions for clinical depression as well as other mental diseases related to youth psychology. His studies included the monitoring the social media accounts of the clinically monitored teens, and contrasting their interactions to their relative level of life-satisfaction.

Solomon first found his calling after winning various ribbons nationwide at science fairs as a youth. Conducting various psychology experiments for fair-goers to participate in.

As a student at Duke University he founded the Research & Clinical Investigation Program (RCIP) on behalf of the Universities science department. At that time he became aware that his aspirations went well beyond a Doctor of Psychology. The long-term effects of anti-depressant drugs became his first topic of research under the new RCIP. At that time there were no hard statistics on teen suicide rates or parental monitoring applications.

In addition of his achievements in the psychology of social media, he achieved honors in psychology and helped several patients through his nursing endowment. Solomon’s mission is to develop a parental monitoring application algorithm that will protect a smartphone user’s privacy, while keeping parents and employers aware of the mental health of their dependents.

“We are dedicated to the development of a healthy mind through modern and innovative technologies.” –  Dr. Alan Solomon