eEye Digital Security to be Incorporated into Android Keylogging Applications

eEye Digital Security to be Incorporated into Android Keylogging Applications

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eEye Digital Security provides a great number of vulnerability scanning and management features and functions. Beside vulnerability scanning, and keylogging data, the application can also provide patch management and Android monitoring. Retina CS can also be used to scan and assess the vulnerabilities in mobile devices and virtual keyboard applications that provide a full log of environmental vulnerabilities. It can also be integrated with Core Impact and Metasploit that are popular penetration testing tools.

Retina has grown as there have been many changes to it. The most noticeable change, beside its growing list of Android monitoring features, is that it has become user friendly and features a simple GUI as compared to its previous versions. Previously it was installed like any other software application, but was plagued with .Net and IIS errors. Now it comes on a ready to use plug & play Android smartphone hardware peripheral, with no need to install any software.

It was introduced in 1998, and since then it has been providing vulnerability testing more efficiently and at a lower cost. It provides unified vulnerability and compliance management solutions that assimilate assessment, mitigation and protection into a complete offering.

eEye has a great history of innovation and has steadily been first to uncover craping vulnerabilities and prevent their exploit. It is a world renowned security product and developers are working to create award winning solutions that secure IT assets and their data. Thousands of IT companies rely on eEye solutions to protect themselves from any known or unknown vulnerability.