Keylogger for Mac feature comparison allows you to find the best Mac Keylogger for your needs.


Compare the best keyloggers for Mac using our side-by-side comparison chart, see all features, support and keylogger patches.

Use our Mac keylogger feature comparison chart to find the perfect keylogger to protect your business and family. All keyloggers featured on this page have been tested for stealth, remote reporting functionality, reliable support and installation assistance as well as invisible patched updates to keep them free from detection. RemoteKeyloggers offers one of the few remote installation keyloggers for Mac as well as Mac keyloggers that do not require admin access as well as password recording for capturing stored passwords that are not typed into the keyboard; and finally Mac keyloggers now have the capacity to two-sided social network chats including Facebook using Mac’s iChat platform.

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  1. Mac Keylogger Without Admin Access? :

    I don’t see any keyloggers for Mac that can be installed without admin access. I bought my daughter a new Mac but she’s spending all her time chatting, and when I told her I wanted to see what she was doing she LOCKED ME OUT! The Mac was using my Apple ID, but for whatever reason that is no longer the case. What can I do? I tried your Mac Blazing keylogger but no luck, so I didn’t buy it.

    • adminx :

      Our Aobo keylogger for Mac above can be installed without an admin password. The version above is the premium version which is the only Mac keylogger that has this feature.

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