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mate tab testing

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[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT IS AN ANDROID KEYLOGGER?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] An Android keylogger is a surveillance application that monitors an Android phone or tablet. While there are several different types all Android keyloggers share the following characteristics:

1) Capture all keystrokes input on the Android device
2) Captures password input into the Android device
3) Keyloggers for Android are installed locally
4) Keylogger legality is a grey area depending on location as well as usage and “Further Information Regarding Keylogger Applications


[zl_tabs_cell title=”ARE ANDROID KEYLOGGERS LEGAL?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]The short answer is yes, depending on which country the keylogger is being used in. For the following questions and answer we will assume these questions refer to a typical United States Consumer.

Keyloggers in the U.S. are 100% legal in the U.S. depending on how they are used. Monitoring your child’s activity is legal in most states. Monitoring employee productivity is legal although in certain states it should be disclosed. Here is a recent article featured on AOL about new employer rights regarding employee monitoring

A keylogger can be illegal when it is used for criminal purposes. Stealing information and personal financial information. Prospective users are encouraged to check all Federal, state and local laws prior to using or installing a keylogger.

Employee Monitoring in the Workplace
Why FCC Rules do not Affect Privacy
[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHO USES A KEYLOGGER?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] There are a number reasons to use keyloggers. Keyloggers work very similar to a cloud and in the event of a system crash a quality keylogger will have access to all sensitive data including passwords; while more recent keyloggers can provide entire FTP access to a crashed server or computer.

Employee and parental monitoring is another valid use of both PC and Android keyloggers. Most states in the U.S. allow employers to monitor their employees via mobile and desktop devices. Sometime only those provided by the company, and sometimes their own personal devices.

Parents can often also monitor their minor children’s Android device and personal computers. This has become more and more important as bullying has migrated to the virtual world and can often be difficult if not impossible to stop.

This has proven to increase employee productivity and reduce downtime. While it is not possible to go over employer laws for each state, in general managers most commonly have their prospective employees sign a “no expectation of privacy” statement.

This is not intended as legal advice and prospective keylogger users should consult the appropriate attorney/s for their own federal, state and local laws that may pertain to their use. [/zl_tabs_cell]
[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT TYPE OF DATA IS CAPTURED ON THE ANDROID DEVICE?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Each keylogger captures different types of information as well as depending on whether or not the Android device has been rooted. The breakdown below is a generalization of what data is captured on a rooted Android phone. Additionally the information below applies mostly to our premium Android keyloggers and NOT to free keyloggers as they are not updated with the same frequency as their paid versions and the information they provide seems to change from month-to-month.


Android Keyloggers on rooted devices capture the information below as well as all information captured by non-rooted devices

1) Captures voice phone calls and downloads them to MP3
2) Captures two-sided text messages
3) Call log with duration, time stamp and phone number as well as its information if listed in the phone’s address book
4) GPS location in real-time connected to Google Maps
5) Contacts as well as address book information
6) Geo-fencing which allows users to see the Android’s location at any time including past locations as well as alerts if the device enters “forbidden” areas as designated by the keylogger settings
7) List of all applications installed on the device including app’s which may be hidden such as Tinder and POF
8) Videos captured on the Android phone
9) Environmental recording allowing the keylogger to listen through the phones microphone in real-time.
10) Take pictures through the phone’s camera in real-time
11) Screenshots of the phones display at intervals set in the keylogger’s settings
12) Facebook messages and conversations with time-stamp, this includes deleted messages
13) Gmail messages both sent and received
14) Skype conversations with data and time stamp
15) WhatsApp messages spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
16) iMessage spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
17) Viber chat spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
18) SnapChat spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
19) Line Chat Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
20) Telegram Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
21) Tinder Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
22) Google Hangouts Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
23) Pictures taken by the Android phone, including deleted photos.
24) Android phone notifications as seen by the phones user


Information Captured by Non-Rooted Android Phones Varies from Keylogger-to-Keylogger

1) Call log
2) SMS/Text messages both sent and received
3) GPS cell phone tracker of the Android phone
4) E-mails, incoming and outgoing
5) Geo-fencing
6) Browser history of websites visited
7) Bookmarked websites
8) Wi-Fi networks accessed (and the network’s passwords depending on the Android keylogger
9) Keyword alert notification (instant reporting if a specified word is used)
10) Calendar events and appointments
11) Contact/Address book
12) Report of installed Applications (even hidden apps)
13) Remote lock device
14) Remote wipe device


All Android Spy apps and keyloggers function slightly differently depending on the developer and type of Android phone. Compare all Android Keylogger Applications Here. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHERE CAN THE ANDROID KEYLOGGER .APK FILE BE DOWNLOADED?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] The .APk file is no different than any other type of Android application file and is delivered and installed just as a typical Android app. Regardless of which type of Android keylogger is being used the .apk is downloadable in the control panel dashboard that was provided upon purchase. The file is also installable on both rooted and non-rooted Android phone. The installation process does not change for these two types of Android devices however the information captured will change depending on the status of the rooting. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT ANDROID DEVICES ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THE KEYLOGGER APPLICATION?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]

The Android phone or tablet must be running Android 4.0 or newer, this includes:

1) Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
2) Android Jelly Bean 4.1
3) Android KitKat 4.4
4) Android Lollipop 5.0
5) Android Marshmallow 6.0
6) Android Nougat 7.0

To see which version of the Android OS your device is using, simply follow the instructions in the video tutorial below:


[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW CAN I DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THE ANDROID PHONE IS ROOTED?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]By default, newer Android devices are non-rooted. If you have not gone through the Android rooting process of creating a SuperUser (SU) then the Android device is not-rooted.

If you are uncertain whether or not the device has been rooted there are a few fast and free applications that will let you know instantly:

The Top 3 Google Play Store Apps for Determining Whether an Android device is rooted or not:

1) Root Checker: Currently the top rated application for determining the status of an Android phone or tablet. Root Checker boasts having been installed on over 10 million Android devices and a simple single button “Check for Root” option that will scan for SuperUsers and SU binary.

2) Root Checker Pro: A slightly more advanced version of the original Root Checker listed above. The Root Checker Pro not only checks for rooting in a single tap, but performs the standard SafetyNet audit. SafetyNet emulates the platform that checks for rooting prior to initializing an Android application. For example, a rooted Android phone will not be able to run applications such as Pokemon or even SnapChat because these apps will not run on rooted Android phones unless the root has been “hidden”.

3) RootChecker for SuperUser:Slightly different than the above two options the RootChecker for SuperUser checks for custom ROM applications and flashing. It has no advertisements and is developed by some of Google Play’s top developers. This application is updated more frequently than the above two and is recommended if the other Root Checker’s software road map appears to have not been updated for some time.



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[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT IS AN IPHONE KEYLOGGER SPY APPLICATION?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] It is important to note that Highster Spy Application for iPhone is not a keylogger. Previous versions of iPhone spy applications were based on logging the keystrokes input into the apple device. This was typically used to acquire passwords to social networks and chat applications so that concerned parents could discreetly monitor their child;s internet activity.

Keyloggers however have taken a backseat to newer and more discreet spy applications. These newer applications capture all the data one could expect to obtain if he/she had access to those social networks and chat apps. The newer iPhone keyloggers provide a remote control panel dashboard (as illustrated on the page above) where clients can see all chats (two-sided), phone calls, text messages, GPS location for tracking the iPhone in real-time (or past locations) as well as social network activity such as Facebook.

This has proven to be a much better solution than a traditional iPhone keylogger because all the data is consolidated into a single location that can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection. Another advancement made to a traditional iPhone keystroke logger is remote installation, older versions o the software required the installer to have physical access to the iPhone device as well as a cable connection to the device via a PC or Mac. The latest versions of the iOS spy app can be installed locally as well as remotely and no cable connection required. The iPhone Spy Application listed on this page is one of the few that does not require a monthly subscription and includes free updates as well as a lifetime license.[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW DOES THE IPHONE SPY APP WORK?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] The iPhone Keylogger allows users to discreetly and invisibly monitor virtually all activity taking place on the iPhone and/or iPad device. Unlike traditional keyloggers that only captured information input, new keylogging apps for iPhone capture incoming information as well as outgoing information; allowing users to see chats and social network activity from both sides of the conversation.

Once the software has been installed it will continue to run invisibly and undetectable in the background. It cannot be found in system processes or in installed applications. The device will then begin reporting to the users own remote control panel dashboard allowing them to see what is taking place on the device. If the device loses it’s internet connection the iPhone keylogger will continue to gather information and report it once it is reconnected.


[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHO USES AN IPHONE KEYLOGGER?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]The keylogger for iPhone is used by many employers, concerned parents, and those who wish to protect their family or business. Some keylogger users install the application on their own devices as a safety backup in the event that their iPhone is lost or stolen; this enables them to track the stolen iPhone device and recover information that would have otherwise been lost. The GPS tracker for iPhone is connected to Google Maps and can usually pinpoint the iPhone’s exact location[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=” WHAT IOS DEVICES IS THE IPHONE SPY APP COMPATIBLE?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Highster cell phone spy app for iOS is compatible with the following devices:

1) iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C
2) iPhone 6, 6S and 6 Plus
3) iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
4) iPad (all models)
5) iPod Touch

1) iOS 6 (All Versions)
2) iOS 7 (All Versions)
3) iOS 8 (All Versions)
4) iOS 9 (All Versions)
5) iOS 10 (All Versions)[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”DOES THE IPHONE SPY APP REQUIRE THE PHONE TO BE JAILBROKEN?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] No, the iPhone application will work on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. A jailbroken device will provide more information than a non-jailbroken device, although most of the features function normally with or without jailbreaking the iOS device.

The Highster iPhone Keylogger installs remotely and without jailbreaking the iPhone or iPad device.[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT TYPE OF DATA IS CAPTURED BY THE IPHONE KEYLOGGER SPY APPLICATION?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Each spy application is slightly different depending on whether the device has been jailbroken as well as what version of Apple’s iOS.

However most of the invisible spy apps for iPhone include the following:

1) iMessages (sent and received)
2) WhatsApp Messages (sent and received)
3) WeChat Messages (sent and recieved)
4) KiK Messages (sent and received)
5) Viber Chats
6) Text Messages (sent and received)
7) Call Log History
8) Contact/Address Book
9) Photos
10) Videos
11) Notes (task manager/appointments)
12) iPhone’s Calendar
13) Voicemail Access
14) iPhone Pin Code
15) GPS location of iPhone (past and present)
16) Social Network Activity Including Facebook, Twitter, Skype and others

The Highster iPhone Keylogger Spy app includes free and invisible updates, so that when new features are added their users will find the information in their report control panel dashboard.

Additional features includes:
1) Remote Removal (remove instantly without physical access)
2) Remote Picture taking
3) Keyword alert notifications (be instantly alerted if a particular word or phrase is used)
4) Application Blocking (optionally block applications that are not approved of)
5) View all applications installed on iPhone device[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW CAN I JAILBREAK THE IPHONE?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]
You do not need to jailbreak the iPhone to take advantage of most of the iPhone Spy Apps features, however there are many good reasons to jailbreak the iOS device including the new iOS 10.

Reasons to jailbreak an iPhone:

1) Winterboard (allows users to customize the theme of the iPhone)
2) Customization (allows iPhone users to customiza every aspect of the iPhone’s appearance)
3) Enjoy Cydia applications and Options (not available otherwise)
4) Browse and access system files
5) Speeds up the iPhone and more resource usage
6) Customize the iPhone’s Control Center

For a more complete list of reasons to jailbreak the iPhone other than iOS keylogger installation visit iPhone Hacks Top 15 Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone 10.

Additionally, this video covers several reasons why someone may wish to jailbreak their iOS device:

In the event you would like to jailbreak the iPhone you must first install Cydia Pro which is compatible with all versions of iOS including the most recent 10.3.1 and can be used to jailbreak the iPhone quickly for your iPhone keylogger installation.

Once Cydia Pro has been installed follow the instructions on the video below to jailbreak the iPhone without having to connect the phone to a computer:

The method used in the video above is the easiest form of jailbreaking a newer iPhone and is recommended prior to more complex forms of iPhone jailbreaking for keylogger installation.[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT TYPE OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS INCLUDED IN THE IPHONE SPY APP PURCHASE?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] The Highster Keylogger for iPhone support team can be reached via phone and e-mail. They offer installation experts who are intimate with all iPhone devices and iOS versions. If you have any questions they can be contacted toll free at: 1-800-611-9506 and are available Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. If calling is not convenient they can also be reached via e-mail at[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW CAN I PURCHASE AND RECEIVE THE IPHONE APPLICATION?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] The software can be purchased anonymously, securely and with no data provided to any third parties via this page. At present it is available for the price of $69.99 for a lifetime license that includes all updates. Upon purchase you will receive an email with your control panel login information as well as the keylogger for iPhone download. You may wish to install the iPhone spy remotely in which case you simply enter the Apple ID credentials. If you do not have the Apple ID credentials you can use any of our Mac or PC keyloggers to obtain them.

If you wish to install locally you can download the software in your control panel direct to the iPhone without connecting it to a computer by simply opening the control panel and clicking download on the iPhones device. Additional installation options include uploading the file to Dropbox or a similar file storage service and visiting the link in the iPhone’s browser. Other users prefer downloading the app to a sim card and plugging it into the iPhone device. Other options include attaching the application to an e-mail and using the iPhone to check their e-mail and downloading the app from the e-mail that they sent.

The possibilities are endless as the file size is smaller than a typical photo and installation is generally under two minutes.



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[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT IS THE BEST FREE KEYLOGGER?” left_icon=”fa-key” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]

The answer to “which free keylogger is best” really depends on whether it is for personal or commercial use. Some keyloggers will capture printed documents and track what portable devices have been installed on the network and what data was transferred. This information can be very important to a network manager or an employer who is trying to protect valuable data. Others are designed to capture chats and social network activity along with keyword alerts to notify parents if their children is being cyber-bullied or making poor online decisions. Another factor to take into consideration is on what device the keylogger will be installed as well as the type of installation. Keyloggers installed locally (physical access required) generally capture more data than those
installed remotely; while the results of keyloggers for mobile devices can depend on whether or not the device has been rooted or jailbroken.

As you can see, there really is no ‘right’ answer as to which is best, but has done its best to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each keylogging application. The applications in this section have been in development for several years and are reputable with a user base of several thousand. Please compare all features and reviews prior to installing and if
you are running the ‘newest’ version of your device’s OS, please check for compatibility as there is usually a period of compatibility and patching that takes place when a new OS is introduced.

[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW HAVE THE KEYLOGGERS ON THIS SITE BEEN TESTED?” left_icon=”fa-key” right_icon=”fa-keyboard-o”] All the free keyloggers on this website have been tested on all modern OS’s for their respective platforms and passed our quality assurance tests. They have been tested based on three criteria – simplicity, effectiveness and stealth. There are many free
keyloggers that you will not find on this website and that is largely due to them failing our quality criteria.

In determining the quality of a keylogger’s simplicity we strive to determine whether or not a person with no technical experience could effectively use the software. Specifically looking for applications that present features sequentially, allowing the installer to simply click yes or no to each of the software’s options. We also ask whether or not the options are presented in
human-readable text that an average user could understand with no technical mumbo-jumbo.

Effectiveness is another factor that must be taken seriously. Keyloggers can provide very confusing reports, one sided conversations, passwords with backspaces and even worse; keystrokes types into websites, conversations and social networks without the reports identifying in which context the keystroke was typed. Users should be aware, keystrokes capture EVERYTHING. That means
backspaces, mouse clicks, the spacebar and tabs. The application’s user could have several windows open and could be chatting to several recipients at the same time; leaving you, the operator with a big mess to sort through. While there are no absolutely free keyloggers that sort this information in a comprehensive manner; we attempt to feature the keyloggers that at least don’t make it worse than it needs to be.

Finally, stealth. This is very important to some users depending on the nature and legality of its usage. Free keyloggers are known for being updated infrequently and every time there is an OS update for each type of computer and smartphone the keylogger must also be updated to remain invisible. Even worse are the free keylogging app’s featured on Google Play. Google Play’s updated
Terms of Service no longer allow keyloggers to run invisibly. Android keylogger users were notified that they were being monitored and the Play store no longer serves keylogging applications that don’t constantly notify the user that they are being monitored.

The keyloggers you’ll find featured here have passed all of the criteria listed above. But if you believe you require more robust use long term use we would recommend you purchase one of our premium keyloggers. These keyloggers should be used for short-term periods only. We also do not recommend any of the free keyloggers featured at CNET at this time as they have recently included bloatware in nearly every download and they define “free” as freemium meaning it will prompt you to upgrade after approximately 15 days of usage. A simple Google search of free keyloggers will reveal multiple results promising the world, but click on any result and the “BUY NOW” button won’t be too far away. If you’re going to take the time to download and install a keylogger, consider the amount of time you’ll need the keylogger to run, as a pay-off and notification pop-ups will be coming soon.[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW CAN THE KEYLOGGERS BE UNINSTALLED OR REMOVED?” left_icon=”fa-key” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] When installing a keylogger you will usually be prompted to input a hotkey combination. This is typically any three keys on a keyword that must be pressed simultaneously and that will access the keylogger dashboard on the device where the keylogger has been installed. It is important that you remember the hotkey combination you input on the original installation as this will be how you access the access the keylogger’s removal feature.

Also, be aware that many freemium keyloggers leave residual code, bloatware, and adware that will continue to pop-up on the system even after the software’s removal. After removing the program via the hotkey combination we recommend that you use the free version of “Revo Uninstaller” to find any trace files that may be left over and cause problems to your device or computer.

[zl_tabs_cell title=”ARE FREE KEYLOGGERS UNDETECTABLE?” left_icon=”fa-key” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]Prior to installing an invisible free keylogger it is important to check your local state and federal laws to ensure you are in compliance. Please see the disclaimer listed on the bottom of this page for further information.

Although not as discreet as a premium keylogger, the free keyloggers featured here have passed the discretion test. But there are some things prospective keylogger users should know prior to installing the software.

By default the application will have a default hotkey combination.It is important that you change the default hotkey combo to one of your own.. This is because anti-virus and trojan software applications (even free ones) are always updated with these default hotkey combinations and emulate these common combos with the system’s virtual keyboard. It is therefore important to
change the default hotkey to one of your own choosing.

Most of the default hotkey combinations built into the keylogging applications include the “Windows” key. If you are using a non U.S. keyboard you may not have a Windows key on your keyboard. Be certain of which keyboard and hotkey combination you are using prior to installation as you will only have one opportunity to set up the hotkeys and quite often a keyboard will not feature the keys that are required to re-access it.[/zl_tabs_cell]


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[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHICH KEYLOGGER IS THE BEST FOR THE MAC OS?” left_icon=”fa-apple” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Mac keyloggers are unique when compared to their PC counterparts. The bar is set higher and corporate Mac usage is increasing. When determining which Mac keylogger is best it is important to consider the intended use.

Network managers may wish to use the keyloggers for employee productivity purposes while parents concerned with their teen’s online internet activity might want to know who their underage child is chatting with online. Employers with sensitive data have need to monitor external hard drives connected to their network. Finally, it is important to consider what information will be gathered based on the type of installation.

Some of the keyloggers listed on this page are installed remotely with no physical access required, others download via the internet and some are installed via USB. Determining which Mac keylogger is best reallly depends on each particular users needs. All of the applications on this page are the best of the best, they have been tested, reviewed and maintain large user databases as well as consistent auto-updates.


[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE KEYLOGGER APPLICATION?” left_icon=”fa-apple” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Upon purchase all of these keyloggers will be delivered via e-mail. The download link can be downloaded to a PC, a Mac, a USB or any portable device. It can also be downloaded as many times as needed although most of the Mac keylogger licenses are only for one Mac computer.

Be sure to write down the license activation key as you will need it at the time of installation. Remember, downloading the file and installing the file are completely separate activities, the keylogger is not “used” until the file has been exectuted/installed on the Mac computer.

Spytech Premium Keylogger for Mac can be installed both locally and remotely. If purchasing SpyTech you will receive a control panel login user name and password. Once logged in you can choose the keylogger settings and features you like and simply download it to the device of your choice. The keylogger can then be sent remotely even if being sent from a PC or mobile device.


[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW CAN I REMOVE THE MAC KEYLOGGER ONCE INSTALLED?” left_icon=”fa-apple” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] In the event you wish to uninstall a Mac keylogger, you can do so remotely without accessing the Mac computer where the keylogger is installed. Additionally when installing the keylogger you set the keylogger to auto-uninstall after a particular date.

Please note that all the keyloggers on this page report remotely, meaning once installed you no longer need physical access to the Mac computer, additionally SpyTech can be installed remotely as well. To uninstall SpyTech keylogger simply log into your control panel dashboard and click “disconnect device”. The Mac keylogger will then be removed from computer.

All other Mac keyloggers are removed via a keyword or phrase that you would have input upon installation. Once this keyword, phrase or even numerical combination exists on the Mac computer the software is removed.

For best results try to think of a complex yet memorable phrase when installing the keylogger. The software will request this during the installation process. For now we’ll pretend it’s the phrase “I love banana split”.

Sometime in the future we’ve decided to remove the Mac application. All we need to do is send an e-mail from any e-mail address with the phrase “I love banana split” and the keylogger will then be removed. We can also remove the Mac keylogger locally by physically typing the phrase on the Mac keyboard. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”I DID NOT RECEIVE THE DOWNLOAD LINK, WHERE IS IT?” left_icon=”fa-apple” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] If you have not received the download link and e-mail confirmation after purchasing one of the keyloggers on this page. Please wait 15 minutes and check your purchase e-mail, if paying via PayPal please check the PayPal e-mail address as well as the spam folder.

If within an hour you have still not received the download and confirmation please submit a support request. About 75% of these issues are resolved by checking the PayPal e-mail address spam folder.

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WILL THE MAC KEYLOGGER REPORT EVEN IF BEHIND A FIREWALL?” left_icon=”fa-apple” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Yes, most premium Mac keylogging apps will work fine behind firewalls. or even network routers. This is true of both sending and receiving. For your own corporate usage it is important to use a premium keylogger as lower end Mac applications will often not pass through a network firewall, or even free security tools unless they are exempted permanently.[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE?” left_icon=”fa-apple” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Installation is virtually instant. The file size of most Mac keyloggers is between 100KB-125KB, this is much smaller than any photo from a smartphone.

If downloaded via the internet or even remote installed, the file will be complete in less than 10 seconds even with a dial-up connection. With broadband or cable the download will be instant. It is however important to be familiar with the settings and options once the file is downloaded and executed.

In the case of SpyTech keylogger for Mac you will be able to choose your settings before ever downloading it to the Mac computer, once you have access to the Mac the installation is nearly instant, as you will only need to execute the file because the settings have been pre-selected. All other Mac keyloggers will require you to download, execute and then select your settings on the computer you wish to monitor. The entire process should take less than one minute. [/zl_tabs_cell]


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