What is mSpy for Android?

mSpy is a staple of cell phone monitoring industry and has been supported and improved upon for nearly 10 years. It has had many ups and downs in that time, but has been running like a well oiled machine for several years now.

The application is designed to monitor and track activity taking place on devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. It can reliably track the device’s GPS location, messages sent to and from the smartphone and even photos as well as social network activity.

It is commonly used to monitor a child’s safety online, employee productivity and can even be used to track local deliveries for those types of businesses that provide those types of services. Some mSpy users use it when concerned with the fidelity of their partners and want to see where they are going and who they are chatting with.

The software essentially works by creating a backdoor in the smartphone and anything that travels to or from the Android device is cloned and sent to a remote control panel dashboard which only you have access to. The information that travels through this backdoor is encrypted and it is not possible for it to be intercepted, even deleted data such as photos, messages and internet history cannot be hidden from mSpy.

Mspy is subscription based, so the application charges a monthly fee for its use. Everyone hates subscriptions and there are several other one-time fee spy applications for Android such as Highster and WinSpy that can be purchased with no strings attached and provide a great value.

However, subscription based spy applications such as mSpy do have some advantages over the one-time fee solutions, at present the primary advantage is that mSpy has a built-in keylogger and it works with non-rooted Android devices. At present I am aware WinSpy is working on a keylogger for their non-subscription spy app, but it may be awhile before we get access to the working beta, and you can rest assured as soon as it’s launched you will find the review here first.

MSpy is a Keylogger and Spy Application

What sets mSpy apart from other spy applications is the built-in Android keylogger. The difference between a spy application and a keylogger is that all keyloggers are spy applications, but not all spy applications are keyloggers. A typical spy application will capture data from predetermined social networks and chat applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, and Snapchat as well as others. While those features are considered to be the most important, they absolutely do not work on any spy app unless the Android smartphone has been rooted.

So What’s the Big Deal With Keyloggers?

The problem is that many consumers do not understand the difference between a rooted and a non-rooted Android, and they do not have the tech-savvy to root an Android without some type of remote support such as that offered by mSpy or FlexiSpy. They purchase the application under the assumption that they will enjoy all of the features listed on the sales page such as the capture of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and all other popular social networks and chat applications. These features, with few exceptions, only work on rooted Android devices. This is where having a spy app with a keylogger becomes so crucial to monitoring the activity taking place on the smartphone.

For the purposes of this review we will assume the Android is a standard non-rooted Android purchased from a typical carrier. If you do not know whether your Android phone or tablet is rooted you can rest assured that it is not rooted. If you are installing a typical spy application on a non-rooted smartphone it would be very prudent to consider that it will neither capture incoming nor outgoing messages to these social networks and chat applications while mSpy will at least capture the outgoing messages on the non-rooted phone and capture everything on the rooted phone. This is because of its built-in keylogger and in addition to the capture of these outbound messages, mSpy captures all passwords input into the Android.

The importance of having a spy application with a built-in keylogger cannot be overstated and this review is keylogger-centric as it is one of the few factors that set mSpy apart from everything else. As an example let’s say we were to install virtually any other spy app on the Android, we would be able to capture text messages, call logs, GPS locations and that’s about it. We would get none of the Snapchat, Facebook Messenger or any of the other chat applications such as WhatsApp. With an installation of mSpy on a non-rooted Android we would be getting all of the basic features listed, plus all of the outgoing messages to those social networks and chat applications. While not a perfect solution there really is nothing better if you are installing to a non-rooted device. There is no way to capture any of those on a spy application that does not contain a keylogger.

Remote Rooting of the Android Phone

mSpy allows for the remote rooting of an Android that is in your possession (for an additional fee), this takes about 5 minutes and includes the rooting as well as the mSpy software installation. Once the Android has been rooted the mSpy software will capture all of the features listed including both sides of the conversations and chats.

Mspy has also been an innovator adding such features as the capture of Tinder activity, white glove remote installation support and even geo-fencing which other spy application developers have yet to offer.

Customer support issues are also a thing of the past, the software is stable, performance is consistent, video tutorials covering every feature are available anywhere and live chat support typically takes less than one minute. Before writing this article I wanted to verify that the keylogging portion of the software worked with non-rooted Androids and typed my question into the live chat support pop-up on their website. I got a response within one minute and have found that to be the typical response time.

Rooted Vs. Non-Rooted Android mSpy

mspy control panel options for rooted android

An unlocked Android is not the same as a rooted Android. A rooted Android has administrator access to the Android’s programs and applications. While an unlocked Android allows for the device to switch carriers instantly via the disabled SIMlock. Typically a phone purchased through a carrier such as Verizon will only work with a Verizon phone because the SIMlock is enabled. While an Android purchased through Amazon will normally have SIMlock disabled thus allowing the user to choose any carrier they prefer. If you have unlimited access to the Android phone and are fairly tech-savvy you can root the Android device yourself. If you are not completely comfortable with the rooting process it would be prudent to allow mSpy to root the device for you at the same time they install the mSpy software via their remote installation upgrade.

Remotely Installing the Spy Application

Mspy is one of only two spy application developers that provide their users with remote installation support and when it comes to this service mSpy is hard to beat. The spy application developer has a long history of delivering quality rooting and installation service quickly and conveniently. You can literally visit their website right now and talk to a live chat operator within a minute or two. has used both of these companies remote installation support to install their keyloggers and spy apps on various phones and have even used their root and hide root service for Android as well. In our experience they have identical turn around times as well as knowledge and proficiency. Their English is native for both service providers and all things considered they seem to offer the end-user the same customer service experience.

There are two versions of mSpy for Android. Yet if we put those two spy applications side-by-side we are still not comparing apples-to-apples. The results depend on whether the Android is rooted as well as the phone’s manufacturer.

To begin lets look at the two versions of mSpy and compare them side-by-side. The comparison between the two versions below assumes the Android is non-rooted.

Mspy List of Features

Once mSpy has been installed you can access all the data gathered from the Android phone right in your control panel dashboard. If your Android is not-rooted you can expect most of the features to work including the keylogger, password capture, call logs, incoming and outgoing texts, GPS tracking of the Android, photos, videos and all outgoing messages for social networks and chat applications.

If the Android device is rooted you can expect all of the above including incoming and outgoing messages from Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, Skype, Hangouts, iMessages, Viber, WhatsApp and even emails.

Mspy Review in Summary

In summary, mSpy is one of the most powerful keylogging and Android spy applications on the market. All of the features advertised work perfectly and there are rarely any support issues as their live chat, tutorial videos and even 1-800 support line have raised the bar when it comes to tech and sales support for this type of product.

It is a subscription based application which many people dislike, however it can be purchased long term (12 months) without the monthly bill for less than $20.00 per month. In that scenario the value of mSpy increases dramatically when you factor in that you can change the device at anytime.

It is also the lowest priced keylogging solution on the market. There are currently no “one-time fee” Android keyloggers on the market; they are all subscription based. We personally can’t wait to see a keylogger for Android that includes a lifetime license, until then, there is mSpy.

The primary issue when it comes to making a purchasing decision is comparing mSpy to FlexiSpy which offers the same features – just . . . a lot more. Phone call recording, text message spoofing, VOIP call recording such as Facetime, WhatsApp audio messages, spy camera, spy microphone and of course the keylogger.

When compared to FlexiSpy, mSpy runs about $30.00 per month when purchasing an annual subscription and the device can be changed at anytime as well. That’s just about $10.00 more per month and includes features that mSpy just doesn’t offer.

On the lower end you have Highster and WinSpy which are one-time fee spy applications that do not include a keylogger, but cost about the same as mSpy charges for 2 months of service. In other words, mSpy is great because there is nothing else available at that price point, but for a little more you get a lot more and for a little less you get a great value.

Once again, whether or not mSpy is the right decision for you depends on whether or not you want a keylogger in your spy app. If the device is not rooted (and its probably not) a keylogger is essential and mSpy provides just that.

Rooted Features:

A rooted Installation of mSpy, while good, is not great compared to other Android keylogging applications such as that of FlexiSpy. If someone is going to go to the trouble of rooting and installing this type of application, it would make sense to upgrade to a more powerful application.



No-Root Features:

Great features for a non-rooted installation. The lowest price-point keylogger and password capture and the only one that captures WhatsApp without rooting or jailbreak. This rating may be lowered when the non-subscription based spy application developers include a keylogger; but for now there is nothing better for a non-rooted Android.



Remote Control:

Mspy has several remote control options such as website blocking, remote restart and call blocking, but has no notification options in the event that an attempt to violate the remote control options is/are taking place.




Mspy is usually the first to add new social networks to its software’s compatibility and has consistently raised the bar forcing other keylogger developers to match their ingenuity. They were the first to include Tinder in their line-up and when the software gets updated all users benefit from the upgrade.

  • KIK




Mspy is compatible with all Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads as well as BlackBerry devices. It works with all versions of iOS and the Android OS.

  • ANDROID OS 4.0+



Customer Support:

The support is excellent, we’ve rarely had to wait more than a minute for an agent to respond to our questions online. They are not just versed in sales, they know their &$!t.



Overall Value:

Mspy at present has a great price-to-value ratio. Although not as powerful as FlexiSpy it is the lowest price entry point for a non-rooted keylogger and password capture spy application. It captures social networks and chat applications that the others do not and when purchased annually as opposed to monthly it becomes highly cost-effective.

The software has been supported for nearly 10 years and all the kinks have been worked out, it performs flawlessly and as advertised. It’s not the cheapest or the most powerful, but is a great mid-range solution to Android smartphone monitoring. It comes highly recommended and there are few, if any support issues. The tech support team can install the keylogger remotely if it is in the clients possession and this service is quick and professional.