Compare all features and options to find the best free keylogger to keep your business and family secure.


A Collection of keyloggers for all devices including PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and other iOS devices. Full side-by-side feature comparison as well as installation tutorials to help you find the best free keylogging solution for your needs.

Free PC Keylogger Downloads

List of the best free keyloggers for PC with full side-by-side feature comparison. These PC keyloggers have been tested on all current versions of Windows and although not as solid as premium keyloggers, they get the job done. All of the keyloggers on this site have been tested as well as several others that are not featured.

This is because many of the free keyloggers for PC simply lack the quality, reliability and simplicity to be considered effective enough to get the job done. For this reason only features free keyloggers that have passed the test.

Each of the keylogging applications have different strengths and weaknesses and therefore we have attempted to quantify each of their capacities in a way that makes it easy for you to decide which keylogger is the best for your particular needs. If you would like us to review a PC keylogger not featured on this site, please contact us; and be sure to subscribe in the footer below for updates regarding new features and test results.

Use our reviews and comparison to find the free PC keylogger that’s right for you.

Free Mac Keylogger Downloads

List of the best free keyloggers for Mac with password capture as well as other options. We’ve provided a full side-by-side feature comparison chart allowing you to see the strengths and weaknesses of each free Mac Keyloggers.

These free Mac keyloggers have been tested on all current versions of Mac OS X 9 and 10 and although not as solid as the best Mac keylogger (paid), they get the job done. While all the Mac keyloggers on this site have been tested for discretion, simplicity and the value of the information gathered, they are all slightly different as each users needs are different.

Some keyloggers for Mac have the capacity to capture printed documents which is useful for network managers. While others operate remotely and send offer remote reporting via e-mail which may be useful for concerned parents. has attempted to allow our visitors to make an educated decision as to which free Mac keylogger is best for their security solution in a single glance.

Use our reviews and comparison to find the Mac keylogger that’s right for you.

Free Android Keylogger Downloads

List of the best free keyloggers for Android. Compare all features side-by-side and choose from installation options. These Android keyloggers have been tested and are compatible with all current versions of Android’s OS (please check for Nougat compatibility if the device you wish to install on is running Nougat). Although not as stealthy or solid as a premium Android keylogger, they get the job done.

Before making a decision as to which Android monitoring solution is right for your mobile devices. It is important to note that each application functions differently depending on what version of the Android OS the device is running as well as whether or not the Android device has been rooted. In general, a rooted Android device running a keylogger application will capture more useful data than a non-rooted device.

Additionally each users needs are different and all Android keyloggers have different strengths and weaknesses. We have attempted to allow our visitors to make an educated decision in a single glance by pointing out the best and worst of each Android application. All of the .apk keyloggers in this section have been tested and thoroughly reviewed.

You may find that many free Android keyloggers are not featured on this website, this is because they have failed to pass our tests based on simplicity, discretion and/or ease of installation.

MobileSpy is a good example of this as they were promoted as being invisible and later launched daily pop-ups notifying users that the Android device was being monitored.

Use our reviews and comparison to find the Android keylogger that’s right for you.

Free iPhone & iPad Keylogger Downloads

List of free keyloggers for iPhone & iPad. has tested these keyloggers on all current iOS versions, incluing iOS 7, 8, and 10. All of the appications listed in this sections have been found to function with all modern versions of the Mac OS X (with exception to Mac Sierra – Fuji).

If you are running a beta version of the newest Mac OS X please check the compatibility listed on each product page as free Mac keylogging apps are updated less frequently than premium applications. Although the applications listed here are not as solid as paid keyloggers, they get the job done. Use our side-by-side feature comparison chart to download the best free keylogger for iPhone that’s right for your Mac.

It is important to note that each of the applications listed here has different strengths and weaknesses and therefore there is no “best free keylogger for Mac”. As each users needs are different the value of the information provided varies from user-to-user and can depend on which OS the Mac may be running.

For this reason we have attempted to quantify all the pros and cons of each Mac application based on various users needs. An employer may wish to know what portable devices have been plugged into their Mac OS and what data was retrieved. While a concerned parent might be more concerned with knowing who is sending their child messages in iChat. Be sure to bookmark this page as it’s one of the few that provide reviews on free monitoring solutions. If you would like us to review a Mac keylogger not featured on this site, please contact us!

Use our reviews and comparison to find the Mac keylogger that’s right for you.




The answer to “which free keylogger is best” really depends on whether it is for personal or commercial use. Some keyloggers will capture printed documents and track what portable devices have been installed on the network and what data was transferred. This information can be very important to a network manager or an employer who is trying to protect valuable data. Others are designed to capture chats and social network activity along with keyword alerts to notify parents if their children is being cyber-bullied or making poor online decisions. Another factor to take into consideration is on what device the keylogger will be installed as well as the type of installation. Keyloggers installed locally (physical access required) generally capture more data than those installed remotely; while the results of keyloggers for mobile devices can depend on whether or not the device has been rooted or jailbroken.

As you can see, there really is no ‘right’ answer as to which is best, but has done its best to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each keylogging application. The applications in this section have been in development for several years and are reputable with a user base of several thousand. Please compare all features and reviews prior to installing and if you are running the ‘newest’ version of your device’s OS, please check for compatibility as there is usually a period of compatibility and patching that takes place when a new OS is introduced.


All the free keyloggers on this website have been tested on all modern OS’s for their respective platforms and passed our quality assurance tests. They have been tested based on three criteria – simplicity, effectiveness and stealth. There are many free keyloggers that you will not find on this website and that is largely due to them failing our quality criteria.

In determining the quality of a keylogger’s simplicity we strive to determine whether or not a person with no technical experience could effectively use the software. Specifically looking for applications that present features sequentially, allowing the installer to simply click yes or no to each of the software’s options. We also ask whether or not the options are presented in human-readable text that an average user could understand with no technical mumbo-jumbo.

Effectiveness is another factor that must be taken seriously. Keyloggers can provide very confusing reports, one sided conversations, passwords with backspaces and even worse; keystrokes types into websites, conversations and social networks without the reports identifying in which context the keystroke was typed. Users should be aware, keystrokes capture EVERYTHING. That means backspaces, mouse clicks, the spacebar and tabs. The application’s user could have several windows open and could be chatting to several recipients at the same time; leaving you, the operator with a big mess to sort through. While there are no absolutely free keyloggers that sort this information in a comprehensive manner; we attempt to feature the keyloggers that at least don’t make it worse than it needs to be.

Finally, stealth. This is very important to some users depending on the nature and legality of its usage. Free keyloggers are known for being updated infrequently and every time there is an OS update for each type of computer and smartphone the keylogger must also be updated to remain invisible. Even worse are the free keylogging app’s featured on Google Play. Google Play’s updated Terms of Service no longer allow keyloggers to run invisibly. Android keylogger users were notified that they were being monitored and the Play store no longer serves keylogging applications that don’t constantly notify the user that they are being monitored.

The keyloggers you’ll find featured here have passed all of the criteria listed above. But if you believe you require more robust use long term use we would recommend you purchase one of our premium keyloggers. These keyloggers should be used for short-term periods only. We also do not recommend any of the free keyloggers featured at CNET at this time as they have recently included bloatware in nearly every download and they define “free” as freemium meaning it will prompt you to upgrade after approximately 15 days of usage. A simple Google search of free keyloggers will reveal multiple results promising the world, but click on any result and the “BUY NOW” button won’t be too far away. If you’re going to take the time to download and install a keylogger, consider the amount of time you’ll need the keylogger to run, as a pay-off and notification pop-ups will be coming soon.


When installing a keylogger you will usually be prompted to input a hotkey combination. This is typically any three keys on a keyword that must be pressed simultaneously and that will access the keylogger dashboard on the device where the keylogger has been installed. It is important that you remember the hotkey combination you input on the original installation as this will be how you access the access the keylogger’s removal feature.

Also, be aware that many freemium keyloggers leave residual code, bloatware, and adware that will continue to pop-up on the system even after the software’s removal. After removing the program via the hotkey combination we recommend that you use the free version of “Revo Uninstaller” to find any trace files that may be left over and cause problems to your device or computer.


Prior to installing an invisible free keylogger it is important to check your local state and federal laws to ensure you are in compliance. Please see the disclaimer listed on the bottom of this page for further information.

Although not as discreet as a premium keylogger, the free keyloggers featured here have passed the discretion test. But there are some things prospective keylogger users should know prior to installing the software.

By default the application will have a default hotkey combination.It is important that you change the default hotkey combo to one of your own.. This is because anti-virus and trojan software applications (even free ones) are always updated with these default hotkey combinations and emulate these common combos with the system’s virtual keyboard. It is therefore important to change the default hotkey to one of your own choosing.

Most of the default hotkey combinations built into the keylogging applications include the “Windows” key. If you are using a non U.S. keyboard you may not have a Windows key on your keyboard. Be certain of which keyboard and hotkey combination you are using prior to installation as you will only have one opportunity to set up the hotkeys and quite often a keyboard will not feature the keys that are required to re-access it.