The Top 5 Android Keylogger Apps Available on Google Play

The Best Android Monitoring and Keylogging Solution to Keep Your Business and Family Safe

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The Top 5 Android Keylogger Apps Available on Google Play

Our List of the Top Google Play Keylogging Applications



WinSpy is an all-in-one application that keeps track of both Android smartphones, tablets and Windows PC’s including laptops. It works with both rooted andnon-rooted Android devices and invisibly captures information such as chats, GPS location, photos, videos, and even recods phone calls made to and from the Android device. The software also works as a windows keylogger. More than that it can be set to record from the laptop’s microphone, webcam and more.

What makes the application so great is its value. The bundle is priced at $39.95 and there is no subscription. Even better it can be used to monitor up to two Android devices and 10 PC’s, all in one convenient cloud based reporting dashboard that can be accessed anywhere remotely.

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Spyzie has features for non-rooted Android devices that other application developers do not. It is built from the ground up for non-rooted smartphones, so stealth, keylogging and password capture are just a few of the features you can expect. It is also the lowest priced spy app to include a keylogger as neither Highster nor WinSpy’s applications offer keystroke logging.

GPS tracking of the Android phone as well as call recording, and just about every social network and chat application you can imagine are what sets Spyzie apart.
It outclasses giants such as mSpy and can boast competing directly with FlexiSpy which is the flagship application in this industry.

The big difference betweeen the two applications is that Spyzie is so much cheaper. Users can buy a whole year at once so that there is no subscription, and that rounds out to about $8.00 a month.

Not to sound repetitive but if your installing to a non-rooted Android . . . this is it. There is nothing else. There is no better non-root solution for Android.

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Keep your children safe with Shadow. An Android monitoring application which is designed specifically for parents. Shadow will also help you when one of your friends asks to borrow your phone for a few minutes and you’d like to know what they’ve used it for.

Simply activate SHADOW and the keylogger will run on your child’s phone. You can see what activity has taken place when he/she returns the Android device. Of course it is not a stealth application and is geared more towards accountability.

Allowing you to see if your under-aged teens are sending any unnecessary or inappropriate messages on their phones. SHADOW will record every key event made during that time, including very useful info such as any applications he or she may have used.

Parents will need to install the application on the child’s phone and activate SHADOW. At a later time parents can check on any activity that their children engaged in during that period.


shadow kids keylogger for android



Kidlogger has become an Android keylogging staple for parents concerned about cyber-bullying, sexting, and even tracking online predators. A great free alternative to other more expensive Android spy applications. It is compatible with all versions of Android as well as iOS and PC. The core features are available for free and upgrades are optional. As with all policy compliant Google Play downloads, this application does not operate invisibly and will notify the user that they are being monitored. It is designed in the good faith spirit of transparent accountability, and is not designed for stealth or to operate invisibly; it basically says “remember, you are being watched”.

It is not a stand-alone application and has several upgrade options such as Kid Key Logger Remote whcih is a remote control application for Kid Key Logger Pro, a shareware keylogger for windows computers. Kid Key Logger Remote (this app) is a remote control that can be used to send remote commands to Kid Key Logger Pro (the windows keylogger), including commands to capture screenshots, to send/upload the current log file, or to terminate and remove itself from memory.

Kid Key Logger Pro (the windows PC keylogger) is a shareware (not free) keylogger specifically designed for parents to record young children activity, while they let them play on their computers. Kid Key Logger Pro can be downloaded from the official KidLogger website. While it was once featured in the Google Play Store, Kidlogger is now only available directly from their website where they do offer a free trial version.

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Family and Couples Tracker is an affair and cheating prevention and detection mobile application for partners, lovers, husbands and wives. It is essentially a mutual agreement between two parties that allows them to check on their partners phone remotely and at will. It has become quite popular for those are recovering from infidelity as well as marriage counselors who often advise it to their clients.

The application is not invisible and is based on trust since the application works both ways. It allows each of the partners to check on several types of Android activity including:

Phone call history – Check who is in the call history and check your partner’s contact list.
Text Messages – You and your partner will see 30 characters of each text message.
Location & GPS Tracker – Your partner’s current location is recorded in 30 minute intervals.
Real-time sharing – Follow your partner’s communication footprint in real-time.
Facebook statistics – See Facebook activity, chats, likes and other information.
Delete Prevention – Makes deleting activity impossible to hide.

Mutual monitoring or no monitoring is what sets this application apart. It only works with two phones, it is not possible for one party to monitor the other’s smartphone activity without the same entitlement.

The Couples Tracker – Mobile monitor is implementing an extra-ordinary “trust system” given to your partner in exchange for the same Android activity tracking privilege. The deal is this, “You will see 30 characters of my every text message and I will see the same of yours”. The Couples Tracker does quite a bit more than just texts and has added many features over the last several years.

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The Keylogger of Hackers:Hackers Keylogger lets you use a specially designed keyboard which resembles the regular Keyboard in look and feel, thus enabling you to trace each input that was typed through the Keyboard.
So next time anyone asks your phone to check their email or use their personal Account, Activate Hack Keyboard and the Hacking mode and they are in for a prank of their life.
How to use this App:-
1. Activate “Hack Keyboard”(Setting->Language & input->Hack Keyboard)
2. Set “Hack Keyboard” to default Keyboard.
3. Now, Open “Hackers Keylogger” App and on very first screen,click on button to activate Hacking Mode.

Thats it, Your Hacking Mode is Activated.. And Now whatever you will type through Keyboard will be recorded in background.

You can see application wise recorded key strokes in “Typed Data” Tab
(Open “Hackers Keylogger App” -> Click on “Open Application” -> go to “Typed Data” Tab)

This simple Android keylogger works by implementing a pseudo keyboard that appears to be no different than that of the original. It then captures all keystrokes typed into it and makes them available for viewing via a built in keystroke report option. This application can only be installed on ones own Android device and the device must be in possession of the user for both installation and report retrieval.

the hackers keylogger


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[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT IS AN ANDROID KEYLOGGER?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] An Android keylogger is a surveillance application that monitors an Android phone or tablet. While there are several different types all Android keyloggers share the following characteristics:

1) Capture all keystrokes input on the Android device
2) Captures password input into the Android device
3) Keyloggers for Android are installed locally
4) Keylogger legality is a grey area depending on location as well as usage and “Further Information Regarding Keylogger Applications


[zl_tabs_cell title=”ARE ANDROID KEYLOGGERS LEGAL?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]The short answer is yes, depending on which country the keylogger is being used in. For the following questions and answer we will assume these questions refer to a typical United States Consumer.

Keyloggers in the U.S. are 100% legal in the U.S. depending on how they are used. Monitoring your child’s activity is legal in most states. Monitoring employee productivity is legal although in certain states it should be disclosed. Here is a recent article featured on AOL about new employer rights regarding employee monitoring

A keylogger can be illegal when it is used for criminal purposes. Stealing information and personal financial information. Prospective users are encouraged to check all Federal, state and local laws prior to using or installing a keylogger.

Employee Monitoring in the Workplace
Why FCC Rules do not Affect Privacy
[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHO USES A KEYLOGGER?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] There are a number reasons to use keyloggers. Keyloggers work very similar to a cloud and in the event of a system crash a quality keylogger will have access to all sensitive data including passwords; while more recent keyloggers can provide entire FTP access to a crashed server or computer.

Employee and parental monitoring is another valid use of both PC and Android keyloggers. Most states in the U.S. allow employers to monitor their employees via mobile and desktop devices. Sometime only those provided by the company, and sometimes their own personal devices.

Parents can often also monitor their minor children’s Android device and personal computers. This has become more and more important as bullying has migrated to the virtual world and can often be difficult if not impossible to stop.

This has proven to increase employee productivity and reduce downtime. While it is not possible to go over employer laws for each state, in general managers most commonly have their prospective employees sign a “no expectation of privacy” statement.

This is not intended as legal advice and prospective keylogger users should consult the appropriate attorney/s for their own federal, state and local laws that may pertain to their use. [/zl_tabs_cell]
[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT TYPE OF DATA IS CAPTURED ON THE ANDROID DEVICE?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] Each keylogger captures different types of information as well as depending on whether or not the Android device has been rooted. The breakdown below is a generalization of what data is captured on a rooted Android phone. Additionally the information below applies mostly to our premium Android keyloggers and NOT to free keyloggers as they are not updated with the same frequency as their paid versions and the information they provide seems to change from month-to-month.


Android Keyloggers on rooted devices capture the information below as well as all information captured by non-rooted devices

1) Captures voice phone calls and downloads them to MP3
2) Captures two-sided text messages
3) Call log with duration, time stamp and phone number as well as its information if listed in the phone’s address book
4) GPS location in real-time connected to Google Maps
5) Contacts as well as address book information
6) Geo-fencing which allows users to see the Android’s location at any time including past locations as well as alerts if the device enters “forbidden” areas as designated by the keylogger settings
7) List of all applications installed on the device including app’s which may be hidden such as Tinder and POF
8) Videos captured on the Android phone
9) Environmental recording allowing the keylogger to listen through the phones microphone in real-time.
10) Take pictures through the phone’s camera in real-time
11) Screenshots of the phones display at intervals set in the keylogger’s settings
12) Facebook messages and conversations with time-stamp, this includes deleted messages
13) Gmail messages both sent and received
14) Skype conversations with data and time stamp
15) WhatsApp messages spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
16) iMessage spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
17) Viber chat spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
18) SnapChat spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
19) Line Chat Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
20) Telegram Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
21) Tinder Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
22) Google Hangouts Spy (including deleted messages with data and time stamp)
23) Pictures taken by the Android phone, including deleted photos.
24) Android phone notifications as seen by the phones user


Information Captured by Non-Rooted Android Phones Varies from Keylogger-to-Keylogger

1) Call log
2) SMS/Text messages both sent and received
3) GPS cell phone tracker of the Android phone
4) E-mails, incoming and outgoing
5) Geo-fencing
6) Browser history of websites visited
7) Bookmarked websites
8) Wi-Fi networks accessed (and the network’s passwords depending on the Android keylogger
9) Keyword alert notification (instant reporting if a specified word is used)
10) Calendar events and appointments
11) Contact/Address book
12) Report of installed Applications (even hidden apps)
13) Remote lock device
14) Remote wipe device


All Android Spy apps and keyloggers function slightly differently depending on the developer and type of Android phone. Compare all Android Keylogger Applications Here. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHERE CAN THE ANDROID KEYLOGGER .APK FILE BE DOWNLOADED?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] The .APk file is no different than any other type of Android application file and is delivered and installed just as a typical Android app. Regardless of which type of Android keylogger is being used the .apk is downloadable in the control panel dashboard that was provided upon purchase. The file is also installable on both rooted and non-rooted Android phone. The installation process does not change for these two types of Android devices however the information captured will change depending on the status of the rooting. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT ANDROID DEVICES ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THE KEYLOGGER APPLICATION?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]

The Android phone or tablet must be running Android 4.0 or newer, this includes:

1) Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
2) Android Jelly Bean 4.1
3) Android KitKat 4.4
4) Android Lollipop 5.0
5) Android Marshmallow 6.0
6) Android Nougat 7.0

To see which version of the Android OS your device is using, simply follow the instructions in the video tutorial below:


[zl_tabs_cell title=”HOW CAN I DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THE ANDROID PHONE IS ROOTED?” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]By default, newer Android devices are non-rooted. If you have not gone through the Android rooting process of creating a SuperUser (SU) then the Android device is not-rooted.

If you are uncertain whether or not the device has been rooted there are a few fast and free applications that will let you know instantly:

The Top 3 Google Play Store Apps for Determining Whether an Android device is rooted or not:

1) Root Checker: Currently the top rated application for determining the status of an Android phone or tablet. Root Checker boasts having been installed on over 10 million Android devices and a simple single button “Check for Root” option that will scan for SuperUsers and SU binary.

2) Root Checker Pro: A slightly more advanced version of the original Root Checker listed above. The Root Checker Pro not only checks for rooting in a single tap, but performs the standard SafetyNet audit. SafetyNet emulates the platform that checks for rooting prior to initializing an Android application. For example, a rooted Android phone will not be able to run applications such as Pokemon or even SnapChat because these apps will not run on rooted Android phones unless the root has been “hidden”.

3) RootChecker for SuperUser:Slightly different than the above two options the RootChecker for SuperUser checks for custom ROM applications and flashing. It has no advertisements and is developed by some of Google Play’s top developers. This application is updated more frequently than the above two and is recommended if the other Root Checker’s software road map appears to have not been updated for some time.[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ROOTED AND NON ROOTED INSTALLATIONS?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]

[/zl_tabs_cell] When considering spy applications for Android it is important to remember that features such as spying on social networks and chat applications only work on rooted Android devices. This includes mSpy, FlexiSpy, WinSpy and every other application designed to monitor an Android’s activity.

If you are uncertain what rooting is or whether or not the Android has been rooted, you can rest assured that it is a non-rooted Android phone. This is because it’s not possible to purchase a rooted Android, and the process of rooting the Android smartphone can be fairly complex and time consuming.

For this reason it is crucial to choose an Android application that contains a keylogger. The keylogger will perform whether or not the device is rooted and ensure at the very least that all outgoing messages and passwords are captured.

Additionally, Google Play’s terms of service do not allow for keylogging applications unless the application notifies the user they are being monitored every time they turn on the Android phone.

For this reason we will first list the top keylogging spy applications for Android that contain keyloggers that work with non-rooted Android phones as well as spy apps that offer remote rooting directly from the developer. Rooting, has become very complex as we ourselves spent four hours this week trying to root an old 2012 Samsung running Lollipop. You can always root at a later time, and until a better solution exists we will stick with keyloggers that work with any Android.[/zl_tabs_reload]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHY DONT THE KEYLOGGERS FROM GOOGLE PLAY STAY HIDDEN?” left_icon=”fa-android” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]Keylogging applications for Android have become a Google Play Store staple. Their free (for the most part), instant and can provide you with the security you need before lending out your mobile Android device.

Perfect for both parents and employers, these keylogging applications have been tested by The Remote Keylogger team and found to be the best free alternatives to premium keyloggers for Android.

Prior to downloading any of these keystroke logging apps it is important to remember that the Google Play Terms of Service only allow for transparent applications. That is to say that all applications including those listed below will notify the user/s that the application is running. If you require an invisible stealth Android Keyloggerwith no subscription fee please visit this page.

There are currently nearly 20 keylogging type of applications listed on Google Play similar to those listed below. And although none compare to our premium solutions, however these five work surprisingly well. Most are free or freemium with the potential to upgrade, others are paid although remarkably inexpensive. It is always a good idea to test the applications on your own Android device prior to installing it on another.

As it is featured on Google Play you can uninstall the app at anytime and will not need to worry about it running invisibly without your knowledge.

To get a wider variety of potential solutions click here to see all Google Play Keyloggers for Android.