The only remote keylogger for PC and Android that includes a total of 12 installations for the same price others charge for a single installation!

Complete Remote and Local Installation Video Tutorials
Step-By-Step Fully Illustrated Tutorials

Professionally narrated stealth installation tutorials. Watch as we install the keylogger via e-mail, photos and even PDFs or Word documents. Deliver via e-mail, Dropbox or even social media.


Watch as we cover the installation process in-depth for both PC and Android devices; our video tutorials are the only professionally narrated keylogger tutorials on the web. With instant download and 10 minute capsule creation as well as deployment, you’ll be able to install the keylogger remotely on multiple devices in minutes. Our keylogger installs remotely WITHOUT an .exe, that means you can send as Word, JPG, PDF or even Excel without browsers and anti-virus programs “flagging” the file as potentially malicious.

And because it’s difficult to determine in advance upon which device a user will open the remote installation capsule, we’ve included multiple installations. Therefore if the keylogger is opened on a work computer, or your child accidentally opens it on your own device; simply resend it and the new installation will negate the old. No need to contact support for a license transfer, it’s all done for you. If you’d like to monitor multiple devices at the same time – no problem. Our special offer includes 10 PC installations and 2 Android installation and they can all run at the same time.

To make it even easier you can manage all your monitored devices in one dashboard and simply click the device you’d like a report on. There is no other offer like it and we’ve supported and provided free updates for nearly 10 years.

Features Never Seen Before in an Android Keylogger

The Android portion of the keylogger has all the modules and features of other smartphone spy apps, but we’ve taken it a step further and included call recording; which is a feature only available on high cost monthly subscription services such as Flexispy. With our keylogger for Android package, all phone calls are invisibly downloadable to MP3.

Other notable features include a “see through the remote camera” option, this allows users to capture pictures and video from the remote Android or PC. Settings will also allow for the capture of video only when motion is detected, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening at home or office even when you’re not there. The Capturing of audio through the remote Android or PC is also supported, monitor your customer service employees or use it to keep your children and family safe.

Remote Installation and Reporting from Anywhere

The reporting dashboard is second-to-none, allowing users to manage all devices in one convenient control panel that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. New keylogger users will be pleased to find fully narrated step-by-step video tutorials, and because our keylogger offers multiple installations, there’s no hassle if an installation goes wrong.

Small business owners will appreciate being able to monitor up to 10 PC’s and can even watch and log into the remote PC’s live, access remote files, and receive alerts via text message if a selected protocol is violated.

Keep you family and business safe with our premium keylogging package for Android and PC available as a special offer today only at nearly a 50% discount. Although we feature all popular keyloggers on this site, we’ve never had an offer with these features before!

The Most Powerful Keylogger for Android & PC is temporarily offering our most powerful invisible keylogger for Android and PC. The Win-Spy package offers multiple installations on multiple devices including Android and PC. Unlike other smartphone spy apps, this keylogger program allows for installation on up to ten PC’s and two Android devices. At anytime users can transfer the installation to a new device, which is very useful because keyloggers which are installed remotely can often get installed on an unintended device.

Another unique feature of our keylogger is a complete remote installation solution. Most PC keyloggers are only remotely installable via an .exe file sent via e-mail. Our keylogging package on the other hand binds to a PDF, Excel spreadsheet or any Word document and the file can be sent or received invisibly via any service, which means users can send it just as they would any other document or file.

Use our extensive video tutorials to get your keylogger launched in just a few minutes.


This is a special offer lifetime license for all three premium versions. Our remote keylogger is the only ‘true” remote installation keylogger allowing invisible remote installation via JPG or PDF along with the “see & record” webcam capture. The Android cell spy is the only keylogger for Android with built-in phone call recording to MP3, room bugging and video capture. Multiple installations are included, please see our video tutorial for further details.


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  1. Android Keylogger Question :

    Hi, for remote installation how can we be sure the keylogger has been remotely installed correctly? Will the android keylogger not be able to be detected during the process?

    • adminx :

      Hello, you will know whether or not the keylogger has been installed correctly because you will see the device in your control panel. Even if the device is offline or turned off it will still appear as “offline”. It is possible that when sending the keylogger that it be “opened” on an unintended device, such as a work computer, or a person checking their e-mail at an internet cafe. For this reason we have included 10 remote installations, so if the keylogger is executed on an unintended device; simply send it again. Regarding the Android keylogger, no it will not be detected it is an application no different than any other application, there is nothing defined as malevolent native to it, it’s just like any other parental monitoring application.

  2. Remote Keylogger Detection :

    thats a good question..

    a very good question and yet no answer… so ill assume it is detected thus pointless in remote deployment. unless someone states otherwise?

    • adminx :

      Regarding remote installation: The keylogger “should not” be able to be detected during the remote installation process. “Should not” because as anti-virus software is patched, the keyloggers are also “patched”, so most keyloggers are updated 2-4 times per year to compensate for anti-virus/anti-trojan updates. In a typical remote installation – nothing happens. “Typical” meaning a typical installation of Norton or AVG anti-virus that most people have installed will not detect a premium/paid keylogger, but free keyloggers aren’t really updated all that often and they get detected and auto-removed somewhat easier. We run remote installations on our own computers running all common AV programs, and they do not detect Android or PC keyloggers; some high-end AV’s perform better though.

  3. Question Regarding Keyloggers Remote Installation :

    Please advise ‘re purchase and if it can be used in south Africa . The computer to be monitored is locked by password. If this software is installed when password is unlocked, will it be able to identify the password when the user next logs on.

    • adminx :

      All keyloggers featured on this site function the same in all countries. Most computers are locked by some sort of password protection, and yes of course, whether it is installed remotely or locally it will capture the password whenever the password is entered. You do not need the “admin” password to install a remote installation keylogger for PC, likewise, you do not need an “admin” password using some of our Mac keyloggers with “local” and “remote” installation.

  4. Installing an Android Keylogger on an Un-Rooted Device :

    How does one go about a remote install of an Android keylogger on an unrooted Android running up to date operating system?..will my child see a message informing them of a keylogger app being installed etc, does phone reboot upon execution and does anything unusual appear on the screen?

    • adminx :

      Most keylogging apps for mobiles do not require rooting, they do however require that “3rd party applications” be enabled. Most Android devices will already have this enabled as Android users commonly use multiple applications. If this is not the case and you do in fact require rooting, please see our video tutorial, if you’re not particularly tech-savvy or just don’t want to mess with it; both our mSpy & Flexispy can invisibly root the remote device (in your posession) for a fee and install the parental monitoring software.

  5. Remote Installing a Keylogger on an Android Device :

    What is the best keylogger to be installed on an Android device remotely , and how to be sent ?
    Could I send a keylogger capsule remotely from a windows PC to a MAC computer ?

    • adminx :

      Although smartphone keyloggers are primarily local installation, some users are opting for Flexispy because as with all .apk files it can be sent remotely. The difference being that it can be activated by inputting the activation code and then it “vanishes”. However for best results the .apk file should be binded to another file and the icon changed. There is a full tutorial on our FAQ’s page. For remote installing a keylogger on an iPhone or iPad, it is much easier. Simply use our general keylogger to obtain iCloud credentials and input those credentials into our iOS keylogger; true remote no-hands installation.

  6. My next-door neighbor has installed keylogger spyware on our computers illegally. He can and does anything that he wants to with our laptop and tablet. What can I do to deal wth his keyloggers?

    • adminx :

      Hey Mate, keyloggers aren’t supposed to be used that way and I’ve been meaning to create an “anti-keylogger” category. In the meantime you have a couple different options. You can use a dedicated anti-keylogging software like “007 Anti Keylogger” and remove the keylogger. You can also reformat the computer, probably not the best solution. After that you may want to install a keylogger on your own computer, sounds crazy but the reason is that when he uses your stuff you’ll be able to see EXACTLY what he did. I’ll be adding an anti-keylogger section to this site shortly as well. Hope it work out 0_0

  7. Keylogger Vs. Antivirus Detection :

    Will the keylogger not be detected by any antivirus?

    • adminx :

      A keylogger is not a virus, it is a trojan. That’s important to know cause it’s a whole different method/software used for detection. All the keyloggers on this website have been tested against all common anti-virus/trojan programs (excluding the free keyloggers which are unpredictable). In our videos we test against AVG anti-virus as well as Norton AV/trojan software. We have had no detection issues. However, there are some specialty softwares that can detect keyloggers. They are not well known and pretty rare, Blazing Toolz has a newer “anti-keylogger” which is designed by real keylogging pros. While we havn’t tested it we assume that it probably works great since those guys have been building keyloggers for about 10 years. In general, very few people will be familiar with this kind of stuff. At this time however, it is best to avoid remote installation keyloggers that send the capsule as a .exe file. This is because both browsers and popular e-mail services will reject any executable file regardless of its content. Both WinSpy and Blazing Toolz keyloggers have file binders that allow the .exe to be sent as something else. WinSpy is the better of the two and that is why it’s promoted on this site, it’s cheaper and easier.

      Regarding smartphone keyloggers, the short answer is no. They are different than PC keyloggers in that they are typically Android .APK based keyloggers that are no different than any other smartphone application. For iPhone keyloggers there are so many options for remote installation via iCloud that it no longer makes sense to physically install a keylogger on an iPhone. Even if the user does not use iCloud or even know what it is, it still exists. Hope that kind of explains it.

  8. Can The Keylogger's Remote Installation File be Sent Via Facebook :

    can the keylogger remote installation file be sent to not email may be FB account or is it can be sent as a link or picture to FB account or it must be sent through mail??

    I mean can this keylogger be sent by facebook messages .??

    • adminx :

      For the keylogger that is featured on THIS page, the answer is yes, because the remote installation file is not a “.exe” and is a normal JPG. So this answer is only for this keylogger. But this is not always successful because when you click a photo on Facebook, you are “viewing” that photo, but you did not technically “download’ anything. So sending a link to DropBox via Facebook messenger is probably better because the user must download the file to see it. Technically however, you can send it just as you would any other photo, you are not restricted to e-mail. It’s just a photo like normal.


    Hi, You ever mentioned that your software the one I m going to install on my PC has trojan horse, which make my PC in danger of unauthorized access The dash board software should be trojan free like flexispy or mspy. I do’t see why I will put my PC in danger of unlawful access by anyone.

    I would like to ask for refund for my purchase of your software.
    It looks that you software has trojan horse, I would thought the software I will install on my PC is clean software not a software with trojan horse embedded into the software.
    There is no guarantee that the information on my PC will be safe in this case
    Pls refund me the money for this purchase
    You should have make it clear that your software has a trojan horse and it is not safe

    Thank you for your understanding

    • adminx :

      Of course I sent you the form to submit your refund and I want to respond because for every one person that complains there are probably 10 who feel the same way and say nothing.

      Whether you buy mSpy, WinSpy, MobileSpy or WhateverSpy you are essentially buying a white label of FlexiSpy. Just like . . . generic papertowels, they’re all the same thing. They change the logo and that’s it.

      Now, if you’re referring to keylogger PC portion of the software. Well, if we pay $399.00 to Verisign then Norton will not label it a trojan, and another $350.00 to McAfee they’ll call it whatever we want and even rate it 5 stars. Then we got to make deals with Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.

      So why don’t we pay?

      Well, we only get about one complaint like this per month for starters, and we’re looking at a total of $3K for each version of each program, we got a site where we sell software to convert Kindle to PDF, iTunes to MP3 and we have another 5 sites on top of that. We worked out what it would cost to get clean stamps of approval for all our products and it’s pretty close to $90K. In this business, your file “could be malicious” unless you pay everybody a lot of money. We don’t make $90K in a year mate. There are tons of legit programs not related to keylogging that appear as trojans, SoundTaxi Studio, ePubor, u-bot Studio.

      They can’t pay mate, cause then you got to pay everybody. That’s why anti-virus programs are free now, they don’t get their money from you – they get it from us. Everytime you get a pop-up saying that a file is “malicious”, a developer gets an e-mail from the AV company saying “for $150.00 we can get this sorted out”. I have owned all the SEO PowerSuite programs except for BuzzBundle for 7 years and decided to download it today, and . . . “Windows Protected Me”. The most reputable (and oldest) company in the SEO industry can’t even keep up with the bribes.

      If people are more comfortable paying $68.00 a month for FlexiSpy than paying the one time fee of $40.00 which we offer, they’re welcome to do so, but in the end they’re getting a white label of (almost) the same thing.

      That being said, the capsule you send in the remote installation is NOT detected as a trojan or virus. We pay for that mate, and patch it all the time. We’ve been supporting, working on, updating and publishing over 20 programs for 10 years. Most of them have nothing to do with keylogging and we’re not willing to give up this business to put a trojan on your s**t mate.

  10. Remote Install Keylogger from Windows to Mac :

    I have a windows and I want to send the keylogger to a mac computer. Which keylogger would I have to purchase? Also, when i send it, I want to send the keylogger with an actual PDF file that I created and just attach it to it, could this be done?

    • adminx :

      You will want to use the keylogger for Mac on this page and watch the video as it covers the remote installation keylogger from Windows to Mac. In summary however, you buy the one for Mac, you configure the capsule on your PC and you send it to the Mac. Sometimes however it is not possible to configure the capsule on the PC and when that happens you just e-mail support and say “please configure the capsule for stealth on Mac”. They’ll send you the capsule and you’ll download it (but do not open it) and send it to the Mac computer. That’s about it. It’s all covered in the video on the page. But, it is not possible to bind that keylogger to a PDF.

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