Mspy Vs. FlexiSpy – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Mspy and FlexiSpy are the only reputable keylogging and spy application developers who offer remote white glove installation and rooting support. Both of these developers have a long history of delivering quality service. You can visit either one of their websites right now and talk to a live chat operator within a minute or two.

We have tested the customer service, response time and overall knowledge of their remote operators on multiple occasions. Sometimes several times in the same day as we update this website. Their services seem to be completely identical and we have rarely had to wait more than one minute to get an answer to our questions or set up an appointment with a technician.

For purposes of this comparison we are comparing each of the software’s premium version and assuming the Android device is rooted. The reason for this particular comparison is because for the most part the basic versions of both these keylogging applications isn’t much different than much cheaper competitors such as WinSpy or Highster.

Mspy Vs. FlexiSpy Summary

Using the table comparisons above it is easy to see which keylogging application has more features. FlexiSpy wins hands down, but there is also a large difference in price. Where mSpy Premium runs at $199.00 for the year and FlexiSpy Extreme significantly higher at $349.00.

Whether or not the additional features are worth the price depends on what information you wish to monitor. The primary difference is call recording, Facebook Messenger recording, room bugging and in general anything related to capturing audio.

Both services offer instant support, live chat and remote installation support as well as rooting, and both of these services are comparable in our tests.

What is Remote White Glove Remote Installation?

Both keylogger developers offer remote installation support for their software. These services not only include the application, they can also be used to remotely root the Android device which results in unlocking all of the features of the keylogger.

The service is optional and can be added to your cart during the checkout process. It works via a live chat appointment and takes about 5 minutes; additionally the phone must be in your possession at the time of installation. The installation service is available 24/7 and if you are unsure as to when you will have access to the device you can always visit their website and simply click the “live chat” option.

In our tests it never took more than 60 seconds to get a response and the techs seemed to have mastered every possible combination of the Android phone’s make and model in relation to the version of Android that the device was running. This service while convenient comes at a price. At the time of this writing mSpy is charging $43.99 and FlexiSpy is slightly lower at $35.00 for their remote installation service.

We are only recommending this service to users who want the Android device to be rooted, because the rooting process on newer phones is not as simple as it used to be. The root must be correctly applied and then it must be hidden from other popular applications that are programmed not run on Androids that provide root access. If you don’t fully understand what that means then this service is perfect for you.

If you’re considering the remote installation service you may wish to first have a look at our (best non-rooted spy app keyloggers for android). There have been major upgrades to many of the applications and at present several of them boast about 90% of the functionality of a rooted installation.

FlexiSpy Vs. Mspy Remote Installation?

When it comes to remote installation support the two primary contenders are FlexiSpy and mSpy. Both of these spy application developers have a long history of delivering quality service. You can visit either one of their websites right now and talk to a live chat operator within a minute or two. has used both of these companies remote installation support to install their keyloggers and spy apps on various phones and have even used their root and hide root service for Android as well.

There are at least two versions of Flexispy as well as mSpy and the chart below will attempt to compare the two smartphone keylogging applications side-by-side.

In Summary. . .

Both products are exceptional and have an amazing support staff. Their softwares have been updated, tweaked and perfected for years and perform flawlessly. The real question is whether or not the additional features offered by FlexiSpy are worth the price. And that would depend on what you’re looking for in a spy application.

Visit mSpy’s website to learn more about the application and mAssist features and options.

Visit the FlexiSpy website to learn more about FlexiSpy’s features and options.