Compare all features and find the best keylogger for iPhone to suit the needs of your family and business.


Use our feature comparison to find the best iPhone keylogger for your needs.

Use our iOS Keylogger side-by-side feature comparison to find the keylogger that’s right for you. RemoteKeyloggers.net has tested and reviewed all of the keyloggers you’ll find on this page. You may notice that some common keyloggers are not represented, this is because either the keylogger was easily detectable using a freeware AV scan, because support failed to respond within 48 hours, or because the iPhone/iPad keylogger is not regularly updated and thus becomes detectable upon common iOS updates.
The keyloggers below have passed all of our tests and have earned a place on this page. To learn more about our testing and detection results be sure to visit our Keylogger News category.

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  1. Remote Installation Keylogger for iPhone :

    Hi, I recently bought an iphone for my daughter and since then she has gone to live with her father. Im concerned because he keeps low quality company, bikers and guys on probation. My sister told me shes getting to friendly with this crowd. I REALLY need an iphone keylogger that somehow can be installed without access. what can i do?

    • adminx :

      We have two iPhone keyloggers that can be installed without physical access to the device. Take a look at them above, Highster keylogger for iPhone only requires the iTunes user name and password; while mSpy requires iCloud’s login credentials. Both of these keyloggers will work without having to have access to the iPhone.

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